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Monday, April 20, 2015

We are New and Improved!

Due to popular demand, I've switched blogging platforms. For all the latest She Knows The Rules posts, check out the new website at sheknowstherules.wordpress.com. Thanks for your loyalty readers!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Am I a Phanatic?

Back in March I wrote about how to fall in love with baseball all over again. Well last night, my failing relationship with the game was rekindled in a romantic rainy evening win against the Red Sox. The night with complete with a hot dog and crabfries (a Philly favorite) and a 3-run homer to rally a 4-2 win in Citizen’s Bank Park. Sparks flew as I fell in love with the sport once again.

I attended the game for a #CollegeSeries night at the ballpark for communications students. Students represented schools from Temple and Villanova to The College of New Jersey and the University of Delaware. We sat in the Phillies media room to talk and learn from professionals in the industry, such as John Brazer- Director of Publicity, Rob Brooks- Manager of Broadcasting, Gregg Murphy- Broadcaster, and Scott Palmer- Director of Public Affairs.

They didn’t glamorize their profession; rather, they said if you love your job, the schedule will be only a small glitch. Also, they said no matter what market you end up in, big or small or urban or rural, it won’t matter as long as you’re passionate about your career. Offering advice on how to get involved in the industry was helpful, however, the men on the stage didn’t represent the audience, which was filled at least half with women. Unlike what was advertised, Bonnie Clark, VP of Communications, was not present. I wish the Phillies made more of an effort to have represented women in the field given that so many females are interested in getting involved in the sports industry. 

Following 90 minutes of discussion and selfies with World Series trophies, we fought the wind and rain as we watched the game. We even stayed a full 9 innings, can't say that happens all too often nowadays. Citizen’s Bank Park was one of the nicest MLB stadiums I’ve attended (Beating the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Mets). It reminded me most of Citi Field, but on a smaller scale. Despite the weather, over 25,000 fans showed up. I admired their enthusiasm, and they added to a great experience. With a few Red Sox fans getting ejected, it added a little more excitement to an already good game.

I may be a loyal White Sox fans, but living in Philadelphia I can’t help but to have a little love for the Phillies. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good Luck Kiko, Welcome Home McCoy

When I met McCoy at a pre-Super Bowl party last year. 
Did you see that one coming?! Being a Buffalo fan who lives in Philadelphia, you already know how much my phone blew up during dinner.

The Eagles will send RB LeSean McCoy to the Bills in exchange for LB Kiko Alonso. Eagles fans will have to trade in their jerseys, but Bills fans will gladly wear McCoy on their backs. This trade will not be completed until next Tuesday, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if this trade offered the Eagles a draft pick as well. For now, it’s a simple exchange of players.

While Kiko is rebounding from his ACL injury, he’s an impressive player who has immense potential. In his rookie season, he led the NFL in third for 159 tackles and was an all situation player playing every down. Kiko made a lasting impression on the field for the Bills. Despite his injury, he’ll be ready for the upcoming season. Based off his Instagram posts, he seems to be dedicated to his rehabilitation.

McCoy rushed for 1,319 yards and five touchdowns last season. In Philadelphia, he set a franchise record of 6,792 yards and 40 rushing touchdowns. He fits exactly what Rex wants offensively for the team.

Somewhat surprised by the trade, it’s no doubt that the Bills got the better end of the deal. My Eagles friends aren’t all too thrilled, but I will continue to assure them that they are in good hands with Kiko. He’s a young player with his entire career ahead of him. This upcoming season is simply determined on how well he rebounds from his injury.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Lousy Life of a Devoted Buffalo Fan

When Buffalo is in your blood, it’s hard not to feel some sort of pride. While our two professional sports teams can easily land you in AA, this city is built off of a community of people who have a genuine love and enthusiasm for the teams that represent BuffaloWe are One Buffalo

A day in the life of a Bills and Sabres fan isn’t always easy. It’s filled with lots of empty expectations, heartfelt apologizes and sympathies, and disappointment. However, our fans are loyal, dedicated, and passionate.

The “Potentially Have Potential” Buffalo Bills…

The Bills gave fans something we’re not used to this season: hope. Terry Pegula and his family brought us this hope after purchasing the team following Ralph Wilson’s death. Bills fans basked in glory after their first winning season since 2004 with a record of 9-7. But just as quickly as we celebrated, we suffered yet another typical Buffalo defeat. The Bills crumbled under the pressure of a potential wildcard playoff spot when playing the two-win Raiders. The 26-24 win was a direct result of Coach Doug Marrone’s poor coaching skills. The Raiders two TDs and four field goals allowed Bills fans to drink to another year of not making the playoffs (15 years if you've lost count). 

Luckily, Marrone is more concerned with his ego and money, than developing a team and opted out of his contract at the end of his losing season. Marrone knew he’d get fired following the Raiders loss and figured his ego couldn’t handle that, so he took an even worse job as the offensive line coach and assistant HC for the Jaguars (what a joke). Basically, he made life easier for the Pegulas and fans are now in a healthy loving relationship with Rex Ryan.

Living in North Jersey, I’ve had my fair share of Rex during his time at the Jets. While I disliked him, I never hated him. However, I think he is the perfect fit for the Bills. The charisma he’ll bring to the locker room is exactly what the players need. They need motivation, excitement, and drive.

Bills fans have a lot to look forward to in the 2015 season. Sure, we may not have a set-in-stone QB, but we’ve still got our fairly decent D line. We’ve got an impressive and improving Sammy Watkins. We’ll have the return of Kiko AlonsoMore importantly, we have hope. Fans have expectations for a season similar, or better, than 2014. Bills fans know what suffering is like and sometimes we think we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I think 2015 may actually be a legitimate light.

The “Keep Us in Your Prayers” Buffalo Sabres…
Where do I even begin? We can argue that we’re a rebuilding team. We can argue that were developing our young talent. We can argue a lot of things, but one thing we can’t is that we’re terrible this season and we hope to continue being terrible. Sabres fans hope to continue this season-long losing streak in hopes of snagging Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel. However, whether or not we get the next Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin all depends on the draft lottery. By finishing dead last in the league, the Sabres still only have a 20% chance of earning the top pick. Either way we’ll probably get one of them. As a desperate fan who wants to win, I’ll take whatever we can get.

What I still can’t understand as a fan was trading goalie, Enroth. However, I can support the landmark trade that would help us to continue our race to the bottom. We picked up Evander Kane and Zach Bogosian from the Jets and finally got rid of Tyler Myers and Drew Stafford, and Joel Armia and Brendan Lemieux. Enroth’s trade seemed rushed and not thoroughly thought out. Sure, he wasn’t a solid started, but neither is Neuvirth.

“Give it a few years and you’ll be in the hottest team in the league” is something I hear on a weekly basis from my fellow hockey fans, meanwhile I’m just praying we end up like the Islanders and not the Oilers.

Buffalo fans don't need you're insincere "I'm so sorry" apologies. Nor do we want to be questioned "But why? Why do you like Buffalo?" While Buffalo fans may not be proud of the work we put forth on the field or ice, we are #One Buffalo.