Monday, April 20, 2015

We are New and Improved!

Due to popular demand, I've switched blogging platforms. For all the latest She Knows The Rules posts, check out the new website at Thanks for your loyalty readers!

Monday, April 13, 2015

My Draft Day

This spring I am representing UChic as one of their brand ambassadors. As their ambassador, it gives me an opportunity to get published, gain real-world blogging experience (yes, more blogging!), and most importantly, help young women reach their professional goals and dreams. Through an organized Twitter chat, I was able to meet blogger Jessica Lawlor, who also happens to be a Temple University SMC alumna.

Like my friend Jessica preaches on her blog, this summer I’m going to #GetGutsy. What the heck does that mean? Take a look at what Jessica has to say. She has done an amazing job at branding her website, which inspires other people to Get Gutsy with her.

Whether you know me personally or have read the “About Clarissa” page, you know I’m not very athletic. I wish I could complete a successful layup or throw a football with a perfect spiral, but those are both rare occurrences.

As the school year comes to an end within the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to the adventures summer holds for me. This summer break I’m challenging myself to try out some new sports and outdoor activities (I’m dubbing the experience “The Draft”). I’m using She Knows the Rules as a way to document my adventures and hopefully inspire you too!

The Draft (In No Specific Order)
  1. Biking- Whether it’s mountain biking, a down the shore bike ride, or riding around my block, I’m going to dig out my dusty helmet to relive my favorite childhood activity.
  2. Golf- My level of experience doesn’t go beyond a game of mini golf. Being a lefty, I was only a good audience member when my dad dragged me to the driving range. To Dick’s Sporting Goods I’ll go, to purchase a cheap lefty driver.
  3. Rock Climbing- This might be a tricky one given I’m scared of heights. Instead of hitting the cliffs, I think I’ll begin this venture at an indoor rock climbing gym first.
  4. Boxing- I was the Muhammad Ali of Wii Boxing back in the day, but I won’t waste time bragging. This time I want to amp up my skills in a boxing or self defense class.
  5.  Lacrosse: The closest I’ve gotten to lacrosse is being the manager of the JV team in high school. I can record the stats, but now I’m challenging myself to the game.
  6. Hiking: I’ll admit I’m not really one with nature, but I think this is not only a good form of exercise, but also allows you to appreciate the great outdoors too. 
  7. Street Hockey: Let me go dig out my old hockey stick and see how bad my stick handling (still) is.
  8. Wiffle Ball: Like I challenged you in the recent blog post, How to Fall in Love with Baseball (All Over Again), play some wiffle ball!  

I’ll have a good three months to complete these goals, however, I’m not promising I’ll complete them all. I’ll be balancing an internship and part-time job this summer as well so I’m a busy gal.

However, I’m really looking forward to documenting “The Draft” with you all!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Am I a Phanatic?

Back in March I wrote about how to fall in love with baseball all over again. Well last night, my failing relationship with the game was rekindled in a romantic rainy evening win against the Red Sox. The night with complete with a hot dog and crabfries (a Philly favorite) and a 3-run homer to rally a 4-2 win in Citizen’s Bank Park. Sparks flew as I fell in love with the sport once again.

I attended the game for a #CollegeSeries night at the ballpark for communications students. Students represented schools from Temple and Villanova to The College of New Jersey and the University of Delaware. We sat in the Phillies media room to talk and learn from professionals in the industry, such as John Brazer- Director of Publicity, Rob Brooks- Manager of Broadcasting, Gregg Murphy- Broadcaster, and Scott Palmer- Director of Public Affairs.

They didn’t glamorize their profession; rather, they said if you love your job, the schedule will be only a small glitch. Also, they said no matter what market you end up in, big or small or urban or rural, it won’t matter as long as you’re passionate about your career. Offering advice on how to get involved in the industry was helpful, however, the men on the stage didn’t represent the audience, which was filled at least half with women. Unlike what was advertised, Bonnie Clark, VP of Communications, was not present. I wish the Phillies made more of an effort to have represented women in the field given that so many females are interested in getting involved in the sports industry. 

Following 90 minutes of discussion and selfies with World Series trophies, we fought the wind and rain as we watched the game. We even stayed a full 9 innings, can't say that happens all too often nowadays. Citizen’s Bank Park was one of the nicest MLB stadiums I’ve attended (Beating the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Mets). It reminded me most of Citi Field, but on a smaller scale. Despite the weather, over 25,000 fans showed up. I admired their enthusiasm, and they added to a great experience. With a few Red Sox fans getting ejected, it added a little more excitement to an already good game.

I may be a loyal White Sox fans, but living in Philadelphia I can’t help but to have a little love for the Phillies.